Thursday night was unfolding like most Thursdays do these days, with me buried in my notes and my computer playing wingman with other class related materials on display. I noticed Safari slowing down to an unusual crawl. Tried to reboot, no improvement. Disk Utility reported a “minor” volume header problem with the drive. Rebooted off the Tiger DVD, ran Disk Utility….and discovered that my drive was no longer mountable. Tried to use the TechTool CD that came with my AppleCare plan two years ago, but ten hours of work resulted in nothing.

End result: realize that my AppleCare coverage expires on 4/23; take to Apple Store Friday night; get back on Saturday with new hard drive. All data lost.

Last backup: 1/1/07.

No, this isn’t the end of the world. We’re all alive and healthy, there’s plenty of food in the fridge, and our electricity isn’t going to be cut off any time soon. But much was lost, many articles I’d started and not finished, many photos that are now not even imitable, many documents that Really Should Not Be Lost (like 1040s). Plenty of moments I attempted to catch in writing, snippets of life that are probably impossible to describe perfectly, but are most definitely impossible to recount perfectly months later. Things I Want To Remember, Times I’ll Never Forget. Poof.

Now that the data are unequivocally gone, I find myself wondering if I shouldn’t have at least attempted to recover some of it with an off-the-shelf software product. I’ve never had luck with that route before, but I’m starting to think it would’ve been worth the $100 to find out. Then again, it might have been a waste of $100. I don’t know. Guess it doesn’t f—ing matter any more.

It’s been a shitty day for that and other reasons. Now it’s almost 1 in the morning, I can’t concentrate worth a damn, and I have an exam on Tuesday.

Good night.

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